Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Amendment Repealed

It's official. North Korea repealed the First Amendment. There's still time to save it but have we the will?

Sony Pictures pulled the movie North Korea found offensive from distribution. Apparently because the theater chains caved in the face of a verbal threat of terrorism.

So now we know, and so does the rest of the world, that American civil liberties are abandoned quickly and cheaply.

We seem to be on course for turning the justice system into a political kangaroo court and "free speech" into a mere slogan.

What are we fighting for? What do we really think is worth fighting for?

Are we so scared, so lacking in virtue, in integrity, in courage, that we allow our young men and women to be maimed and killed in the sandbox so government officials can take a bow and certain corporations can make a profit? And are we so fearful that we are unwilling to defend the Constitution here at home?

What is to be done?

If I were President of Sony Pictures, I would release the offending movie to the whole world for free on the internet. And I would promote the hell out of it.

Next, I would start work on a sequel or a related comic satire of the Dear Leader.

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